Anomal-World's Greatest Mentalist Ehud Segev

Considered the world’s greatest mentalist, Ehud Segev’s one man show, ANOMAL, has left the world speechless. In this critically acclaimed performance, Segev performs anomalies such as Mind Control and Human Influencing, Telepathy, Psychokinetic Powers, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Thoughts Transmission. Segev creates a breathtaking experience that leaves even the most skeptical in awe!

Mentalist and corporate entertainer Ehud Segev is surely at his best with entertaining audiences, where he shows his love for mysticism, in a theatrical performance of Anomal. He comes out with a wide range of skills, and proves how man can control energy and use it as he wants to. He not only captivates the audience with psychic abilities, but also displays his overall skills, by combining various elements of theatre, which involves acting, voice modulation and body language.

The Mentalizer phenomenon quickly spread and Segev has been touring the globe and performed for thousands of awestruck audiences around the world.  Minds like Mayor Bloomberg, Saturday Night Live comedian Anna Gasteyer, CNN's Lou Dobbs and many others have been mesmerized by Segev's supernatural performance.


“Will amaze even the most skeptical”-New York Magazine

“ Dazzling”

“Ehud Segev entertained with charm and wit. He radiated great warmth and a love of what he was doing. The word I would use to describe Ehud Segev is amazing.”

 – Time Square Cronicles