Julio Iglesias Jr.

Julio Iglesias Jr. was born into the most talented family in the world. He grew up having a father that was one of Latin music’s most legendary figures. Julio Iglesias Sr. has had a long and successful career, still very much well & alive he has now passed the torch to his son, whom he named after himself for the very purpose of succeeding him one day. As of 2018, Julio has turned his focus on a new concept. He has carefully selected some of his father’s greatest hits (among other originals and classics) and reproduced them into his own sound. He has since come out with a tour titled “Julio Iglesias’s Jr. Timeless” which has already had great success across Europe and will be touring the U.S. in 2020.

Julio made a name for himself with his debut album titled “Under my Eyes” and immediately became the new teen idol in the United States. As his popularity grew CHER enlisted Julio Iglesias Jr. to open for her nationwide 47-city stadium world tour. Ever since he found his musical success, Julio has appeared in popular programs such as VH1′s THE LIST, THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS, and the FAMA AWARDS where he was declared Best New Artist of the Year.

Julio Iglesias Jr. has conquered America, and now he’s taking over the rest of the world. He toured all over Europe and Asia when promoting “Under My Eyes.” In Russia and Eastern Europe he became a household name, making him a superstar there. One of his songs “Nothing Else” was featured in the soundtrack for “Music Of The Heart, a film produced by Miramax . Currently Julio collaborates as a lead singer for Latin Lovers, a band which has been an international success and received a Gold Album for selling over half a million copies.